The Pearl

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The Pearl is a necklace that's special to me because for me it represents my 2 little pearls. I never take it off and it goes with me everywhere. 

I made this necklace to be a symbol of how we take our children, mold and make them into a beautiful pearl. In the same way, a tiny grain of sand is formed in an oyster and formed into a one of a kind pearl. We only have them little for a short time. We help them grow, forming them into a unique beautiful pearl.

The Pearl necklace can mean a lot of things and can represent a lot of things making it a perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and friends.

Please pick how many pearls you'd like strung onto your chain. 

chain options are sterling silver, rose gold and gold plated

we use freshwater pearls so no 2 will be the same

given on a necklace card that explains the story of the pearl and it's meaning

please let us know if your necklace is meant for someone other than the options listed so we can customize the necklace card for your needs.

The Pearl Teachers necklaces have 1 pearl to represent the time and wonderful job they've done helping your children learn and grow.